How We Buy Houses in North Carolina

How Do We Buy Houses in North Carolina?

We Buy Houses in North Carolina… a lot of houses. But how? Houses cost money… sometimes a lot of money and sometimes even more money due to repairs.

I get this question a lot. How can you regularly buy multiple houses per month? Well, it’s really quite simple, so I made this post to pull back the veil and show this easy three step process.

Step 1: Marketing

We do A LOT of marketing. We provide a service to people in facing foreclosure, going through divorce, relocating due to a job change, inheriting a property from family members that passed away, or any kind of situation. What happens is that people find themselves in different situations where they need to sell their house fast.

So the biggest thing is to, like any smart business, get the word out about what service we provide. In fact, the only reason you’re reading this article is through our marketing efforts. Which also means you might be in one of those situations where you’re looking for a reputable “We Buy Houses in North Carolina” company.

Once our customers have found the right “We Buy Houses” company (hopefully us ;)) they’ll fill out a form and we will have a conversation about the property. Once we have an idea of what our customer is looking for and the situation, we move on to…

Step 2: Make Offers

What makes us different is that we make multiple offers and let you choose what works for you. Instead of backing you into a corner with only one way out, we will do our best to give you a few options on what will be the best for both sides to come out with a win.

  • Offer 1 – Cash Offer: This is the most common option for people looking to sell their home fast. The mentality is “I need to sell my house fast and I’m willing to provide a discount for a fast & easy solution.” As a company, often times we are taking a huge amount of risk by buying a home in distress and the discount level mitigates the risk involved.
  • Offer 2 – Creative Offer: We’re not always able to make this happen, but we will make a second offer in every situation we can. There are subject-to or cash for deed offers, seller financed offers, rent-to-own offers and others, just to name a few. This allows the homeowner to sell their home for a bit more cash, but the trade off is that you might not get all the money up front, the transaction could take longer, or a combination of the two.
  • Offer 3 – Retail Sale: The third offer, technically is not one where we buy the house. If you are looking for full value of your home, we have a network of agents who are able to sell your house on the MLS. Take note, that if you need to sell your house and it needs repairs, you may not be able to sell your property on the open market. If you need cash for your home fast, this could take several months for you to finally sell your house and have your money.

Step 3: Funding

The biggest question most homeowners have is “how can you buy so many houses?” It’s simple really, its our job to have dozens of sources of funding ready to help our customers out of whatever situation they’re in.

This is one of the biggest benefits of working with a professional home buyer in North Carolina. Not only do we know this area extremely well and could give you a better price than companies like Zillow, Offerpad or these other iBuyers, but we also have the benefit of our close network of other investors, cash on hand, lines of credit, banks and much more to fund these types of transactions. This also is a huge reason why we are better to partner with than normal open market buyers. They are relying completely on a bank financed product, and over 15% of those deals end up falling through because of the bank no longer offering the loan to the end buyer.

For us, if one line of financing falls through, we have a plan B, C, D, E, and so on ready to back it up.

Once everything is done, we will either turn the property into a rental for soldiers and first responders, flip it and sell it, or we might even assign it to another investor who has a house buying criteria that fits a little better than ours.

Are you looking for a “We Buy Houses in North Carolina” company?

If you came to this article because you were searching for “We Buy Houses in North Carolina” or you clicked on a link or something else, you need to sell your house, fill out our form below. Like I said in the video, I’ll give you a call, we’ll talk about it and we will see if we can come up with a win-win for us both.

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