How to Sell A House That Needs Work in North Carolina

How to Sell A House That Needs Work in North Carolina

Can you sell a house that needs work? Do you live in or own a property in North Carolina?

The answer is YES!!! You absolutely can sell a house that needs work.

I’ll tell you about Lee. Lee used to live in the house you see in the above video. When he moved because of a job change, he thought he would earn a little extra money by renting it out.

Less than 2 years after his move, his tenants painted all over the walls, tore up and destroyed the carpet in another room, smashed up the cabinetry, pulled subway tile off the wall and stole the refrigerator before leaving in the middle of the night… all while not paying rent for months.

Lee was left with a huge bill for repairs and a mortgage he couldn’t pay. He needed help to sell this house that needed more than just a little work.

How did we help?

Lee was looking for a solution to one question, “how can I sell a house that needs work fast?!?!”

Lee called me, spoke to me directly, and in 7 days we had cash in his hand and took this problem off his hands. Now Lee can move on with his life and focus on his family, work, and whatever else he wants to pursue.

Do you need to sell a house that needs work in North Carolina?

Whether you’re in preforeclosure, had a death in the family and inherited property you don’t know what to do with, dealing with a messy divorce, or you’re just tired of being a landlord, WE CAN HELP!!!

Fill out a form below, or give me a call at the (910) 302-8659 and you’ll speak with me directly. I’ll do my best to understand your situation and come up with a solution that gets you out of the problems you’re facing ASAP!

Talk soon!

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